Anna Meadors composer & saxophonist

Anna Meadors

List of Works

List of Works
Chamber Ensemble
At Daybreak (2016)
Flute, percussion, lighting design
Commissioned by Krisztina Dér

still / flutter (2016)
clarinet, bass clarinet, glockenspiel/snare drum, vibraphone/snare drum, violin, cello

Sand & Clay (2016)
bass clarinet, glockenspiel/kick drum, vibraphone, piano, guitar, violin, cello, double bass

hopes to be (2016)
saxophone quartet

Flight (2015), 8’30”
clarinet, bass clarinet (opt. trombone), percussion, piano, violin, double bass

Rhopareptilia (2015), 7’
alto saxophone, bass clarinet, piano

Motor and Soul (2014), 7’
saxophone quartet
Composed for Red Clay Saxophone Quartet

World Systems (2014), 5’
alto saxophone, vibraphone, bass, drum set

Of Lightness (2014), 5’30”
2 fl, cl, bass cl, 2 ssx, asx, bsx, horn, violin, viola, double bass, marimba

the space behind the breath, v.2 (2014), 7’
string quartet

the space behind the breath (2014), 6’
fl, cl /bass cl, trpt, vln, vla, vcl

Subliminal Resonator (2013), 7’
alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, electronics

A Loop From Twenty-six Forty (2013), 7’
flute, clarinet, violin, cello, vibraphone, piano

We Were There All Along (2013), 3’
saxophone quartet

Rouge Absolute (2012), 8’
soprano sax, string quintet, alto, marimba, guitar, drum set

Jaunt (2012), 2’
clarinet and bass clarinet

Landhorse (2011), 5’
baritone saxophone, string quartet, bass guitar and drum set

In the Right Light (2011), 11’
alto saxophone, viola and cello

Third Crown (2010), 5’
string quartet, alto saxophone, bass guitar and drum set

Road Trance (2010), 6’
string quartet, alto saxophone, bass guitar and drum set

Kinetic (2016), 5’30”
solo marimba
Commissioned by Korry Friend

Chamber Opera / Vocal
Tongue (2016)
Soprano, violin, viola (opt. cello)
Text: Brian Lampkin

Manifesto on the Ledge (2014), 25’
Soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone; violin viola, cello, saxophone, percussion, keyboard
Commissioned by Rhymes with Opera
Text: John Paul Carillo

Alien Invasion! (2014), 12’
3 sopranos, tenor, baritone; tenor saxophone, piano, double bass
Commissioned by Greensboro Opera
Text: David Holley

Nuclear Winter (2013), 1’
2 sopranos, baritone
Composed for Rhymes with Opera
Text: Robert Bradley

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April 28 - F-PLUS, Scholes Street Studio, Brooklyn, NY, premiering Doorways

April 29 - F-PLUS, Holy Trinity Church, Manhattan, NY, performing Doorways

May 9 - ensemble mise-en, PRISM Series, Center for New Music, San Francisco, CA, performing Flight

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