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Anna Meadors


Flight (2015)Score

Program note:
I am often drawn to asymmetric meters and grooves. In this piece, the first two beats of each measure are short, and feel very grounded; the third, longer beat floats, briefly taking flight. Throughout the piece, I also play with the use of space, to momentarily suspend the music in air. Flight was composed in June of 2015 for Yale School of Music’s New Music Workshop at the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival.

World Systems (2014), composed for Joy On Fire

Impulse (2015)Score

Program note:
Impulse was composed for the UNCG Percussion Ensemble during the summer of 2015. When I started working on this piece, I was listening to a lot of progressive rock band King Crimson’s music. Their sound and style has continually evolved throughout their 40-year career, and I was especially interested in their albums from the ’70s and the ’80s. I wanted to create a piece that had closely-knit lines like their material from the ’80s, while incorporating the hard driving beats and dramatic structures from their work in the ’70s. The vibraphone and steel drum in the same range create an interesting timbre-combination when they play their weaving lines. The marimbas and glockenspiels eventually expand this outwards in range, building until the drum set and percussion kit enter. For a while, this “double drum kit” (all the sounds are layered: tambourine with snare, low almglocken with kick, etc.) is only playing fills, creating tension. When the beat finally arrives, it is over the intertwined music from earlier in the piece.
The title comes from two things: the piece started on an impulse, after finding a sketch that had new life after not having heard it for a year; and the weaving lines being the pulse, the impulse, the driving force behind the whole piece.

the space behind the breath (2014)Score

Program note:
the space behind the breath emulates the rhythm of breathing slowly and calmly, as if during a meditation. The pauses in the music suspend time. Holding your breath briefly after filling your lungs, you become aware that the lungs not only expand forward with air but also back, into the space behind them. Meditation is a form of transformation and the piece gains momentum; the sudden bursts push through the quiet. Eventually, the quartet returns to the calm feeling of the beginning, but now with harmonics…what was light is now even lighter.​

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